About Mutehead Collective

Mutehead Collective is a small, independent community of audio and visual artists with members around the world. We strive to find common ground between many artistic mediums in unique and novel ways, while sticking to the core themes and aesthetics that bind us together as a group.


02.09.16 - Out Now: [MH003] Colugo - Wheat

10.31.15 - Happy Halloween! Perch's debut full length, Terror Management, is out now!

10.11.15 - Coming soon: debut full length from Perch, "Terror Management." Out Halloween, 2015!

09.07.15 - Shipping Now: Sounds of Mutehead limited edition cassettes! Handmade run of 100 tapes with unique art on each tape.

07.17.15 - Out Now: Sounds of Mutehead, featuring tracks from all four Mutehead Collective artists!

00.00.00 - Welcome to the Mutehead Collective launch! Keep an eye on the homepage for information about releases and upcoming shows.

Are you a creator? Send your demos or portfolio excerpts to info [at] mutehead [dot] com, or shoot us a message on Facebook.

Mutehead Collective Artists